Have you always wanted to try ALL of our products? Here's your chance to treat yourself! Grab a Yoni Oil, Yoni Pearls, Yoni Scrub and a Yoni Wash all in one with our Yoni Bundle!



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Yoni Bundle

  • This item is only for purchase for local customers in the Raleigh, NC area. MUST PICKUP PURCHASE! Item must be kept refrigerated to maintain consistency and shape.

    Suggested Use: Wash hands thoroughly before using the product. Insert one pearl inside of the vagina as far back as possible. Wearing a panty liner, and performing this process at night, is encouraged but not required. Allow body to rid itself of the bad bacteria and balance pH. Use daily until symptoms subside. Consult a physician if symptoms do not go away within 3 days.

    I understand that by purchasing and using these products, I agree to use them properly and to the best of my understanding. I agree and understand the seller does not guarantee any results with use and cannot be held liable for any issues that occur once the products are purchased and used at my discretion.